Thursday, 28 May 2020

All Change!

So I last wrote over 6 months ago about how I was struggling with basically everything in life!

So much has happened in that time I don't know where to begin!

Hubby - was away basically from a Monday morning until Friday evening every week - a colleague resigned at Christmas and they did not replace him. He was also starting to work Saturdays. He hated his job. He got a new job in the middle of March and he is now a very happy bunny! Based in our home town but he has been working in London for about 4 weeks now with Saturdays as well but, he is being paid overtime for this and that makes him happy. Drinking continues :(

Weight - a good friend offered to come with me back to face to face classes as she had about a stone to loose which had been creeping up on her over the past 12 months. I am now 24.5lbs lighter and hoping to get to my 2 stone loss in a couple of weeks. The only problem is I can't get any new clothes because of COVID-19 and my jeans are starting to fall down!

Work - I saw a higher banded job advertised at Christmas, had a blazing row with hubby over it as it was in a Trust 80 miles away and didn't apply. It was re-advertised after Christmas as nobody applied and after a sensible discussion with hubby I applied and was successful. I started this at the beginning of April just as COVID-19 hit full force. The service I was joining was shelved and I have been based at a different site for the first 8 weeks doing a bit of the job I was employed to do. However, the matron seems very supportive, we are about to redesign the service I was employed to be a part of as we are taking the opportunity of reviewing it and we are changing it in great detail! I have the responsibility of developing the e-learning and Trust wide education for VTE prevention and we are a very large Trust - 17,5000 employees compared to just 3,500 at the last Trust!. The team are great and I am managing to work my hours over 4 longer days and stay 2 nights a week up there.

My friend - well she is still missing in action. We briefly exchanged messages when I had a panic about an instagram account that had been set up with a number that had sent me abusive messages in the past but when I asked her about why she had stopped speaking to me back in September, nothing but silence. I remain devastated - I shouldn't be but I am.

So onwards and upwards with the job and home life, onwards and downwards with the weight. Friend - I can only hope!

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