Sunday, 24 January 2010

Day to myself

Well 7am saw me in a layby in the next village on, waiting for the coach which was to take my 10 year old son on his first Scout hike somewhere in the Peak District along with about 49 other Scouts and their Leaders. Now, I am slightly worried as he is probably the youngest person going and to me had the heaviest rucksack on his back!! He moved up to Scouts when he was still only 9 as he was bored with Cubs and all his friends were moving up. However, as the saying goes - the grass is never greener on the other side and 3 months later he's telling me that he's bored at Scouts and wants to leave as they never do anything good or fun anymore - the Scout group had not long reopened but only had 1 female leader who isn't very good at discipline and the Scouts were all year 6 and 7 with no older ones to lead by example. Used my connections as a District Commissioner and got him into a Scout Troop in the next village - result - one very happy child who has been on a night hike within his first 3 weeks, today accross the Peak District and in March a night hike with camping when they reach the destination! This is fun Mum!!
However, because he is so young, I am worried - I am a Mum who never worries about her son as he is a mature young lad who is quite thoughtful about those around him, but can become excitable at times - today I feel will be one of those days! I'm hoping that he will listen to "Big Chris" - the leader who has gone with them - and follow his instructions. 7pm tonight I suppose I will find out when they return - school tomorrow will be another thing to worry about.
So, my husband has gone to work, and this leaves me with a day to myself. What shall I do? Sit in my pyjamas and watch One Tree Hill all day? No such luck.
It was my 40th birthday last week and we're all off out with the girls from work next Saturday - 21 of us in total. I need to pop along to the resturant and pay our deposit and give them our menu choice.
I have already done the sauage casserole and that is now in the slow cooker awaiting time to eat tonight. Veg just to peel and cook.
I have washed the last of the washing in the basket - that is now hanging to dry in the spare bedroom.
I do have 3 lots of uniforms to iron for work/school for tomorrow morning - that will be one of my afternoon jobs.
I have already checked over the GO! system for Guiding and made a list of all the things that need sorting out by HQ tomorrow - need to send the email.
Have made a list of all the people I need to get References for to validate them for the GO! system.
I have made a list of all the people who need CRB's - there are lots. May need to speak to the Division Commissioner to ask her to have an open morning again for the CRB's to be done - this worked well on New Year's Eve - there about 15 though that need to be done!
I am expecting at least one person to pop round this afternoon to do her CRB - Mum will bring her.
I need to check my Brownie accounts to then take them to a mum who will audit them for us.
I need to write my Brownie Pack annual report.
I need to chase the other Units in the District to find out where their accounts and annual reports are so that I can then write a District annual report and complete a chart with info re accounts on which then needs to go to HQ.
I have been asked to create a District Brownie waiting list - I have a bit of paper with all the info on, it just needs inputting on GO!
I need a new pair of work shoes - mine have falled apart at the heel.
I need to get some new socks for work.
I need to go to Boots for bits and peices - mainly make-up - I threw all of mine away in my big clearout prior to being 40!
I need to arrange new car insurance.
So, my day to myself will not be quite that I fear.
Oh well, maybe I will be able to use one of my last remaining annual leave days and spend the day in pyjamas and watch One Tree Hill all day sometime next month!
Here's hoping.