Sunday, 28 November 2010

Just a small thank you

My son has been involved in Scouting since he finally got a place in our local Beaver troop when he was almost 7 - their starting age is 6, but due to the popularity of the troop, it's often much later when they start!

Today he off at a shooting tournament which is for the local district - apparently there are representatives from each of the Scout troops in the district and they are expecting 52 to take part - although due to the weather they may not have as many.

These leaders have taken time out from their families at a weekend to give a whole day so that the Scouts in our area can have a go at something they may not have the opportunity to do elsewhere in their lives.

Now, I have always stopped friends and relatives from buying my son guns at every opportunity, however now that he is older and he understands the dangers of guns, I am slowly coming around to the idea of letting him have the experience under very controlled circumstances - he has recently been on an activity holiday with my parents and shot air rifles as well as tried some laser clay pigeon shooting.

He left today with a great deal of excitement.

Since he has been in Scouting he has been away to PGL, attended day trips to local camps as a Beaver and a Cub when they were not allowed to stay overnight. He has been on multiple hikes and camps, including a walk across the Derbyshire Dales in January this year - 12 miles - a night hike in March - this time 14 miles as they got lost due to their poor night navigation skills! - a camp in May - given the option to build a bivouac (!) and sleep in it and most recently a 2 night camp at the beginning of October where they realised that as a patrol they need to pull their socks up and start to work as a team! That doesn't include the multiple chip and welly walks he has been on as well - the most recent being this last week.

Every time he returns from just a weekly meeting or a more adventurous weekend or event, he comes back usually in the same clothes I sent him in! he talks excitedly about what he has done and how much fun it was and that he can't wait until the next week/event.

As a brownie guider I know how much effort goes into arranging these things - I am currently arranging a sleepover at the national space centre which involves having to take my large scale licence and anyone who has read my blog at all will know how I felt after the last one I went to!

I also know that it isn't often we get a thank you let alone a card or anything else!

So I just want to say, a small thank you to all of the leaders in Scouting - and the other volunteer organisations out there - for all the work and effort you put into arranging a term of activities, be it in a weekly meeting or like today, giving up a weekend so that someone like my son can experience something he may not get to do again.

You're worth it :)

Wednesday, 17 November 2010

12 years

Well today is my 12th wedding anniversary and I just wanted to tell all - well the one of you who actually reads this blog (!) that despite the ups and downs, it's been a great 12 years - 19 together though!
Our wedding day was at Gretna Green with just my mum and step father, my husband's brother, my husband's best mate and my best mate with her then husband.
We stayed for 2 nights in bonny Scotland and when we returned we arranged to meet up with our friends on the Saturday night - we married on the Tuesday.
On the Saturday, I introduced my husband to everyone - they were all very shocked! We had kept it very quiet!
Looking at the weddings we have been to since - and before I might add - there are only one or two of them who are still together - they were all big weddings in churches etc - I think we did the best thing. It doesn't have to be big, showy or have the wow! factor for things to work - we are happy, and hope that we will be for a good few years to come.