Monday, 9 December 2013

And so the deed is done.........

I have done it - I have resigned as District Commissioner. It wasn't pretty, I can tell you.
I went to see my Division Commissioner about something completely different and it all just blurted out!!
Mind you, I did feel much better for it I can tell you. I then went home and emailed the County Commissioner who to be honest didn't seem all that bothered about it - which has me worried about what has been going on behind my back - have I ever told you that I am a tad bit paranoid at times??
Less than 5 days later,  a letter drops through my door "FYI" which is a copy of the letter sent to all of the leaders in the District saying that as my time nears its end, she would like someone to step up and take on the role - not a word about me resigning a year early.
We are now almost 4 weeks down the line and not a single person has stepped forward or been nominated as far as I know.
Kelloggsville even went as far as to suggest in a letter to the County Commissioner that our District would be better off split into the 2 villages with the workload being shared between the leaders instead of having a DC. Not sure if she has even had a reply about that one!
So, my housekeeping for the DC is well on its way - I have asked for the annual reports of the 12 Units to be emailed to me before Christmas - so far I have had 1 emailed back and my own unit - no change there then. I have reminded them all that they need to keep GO! up to date (that is when it's not having a major outage which does not help things I might add) and that their accounts need to be audited by an independent person and  a copy of a signed summary given to the Division Commissioner before the end of January 2014 - good luck is what I say. I still haven't seen either of the Guide Units accounts from the other village for this year yet!
We have a social event planned for the beginning of January, So far only the usual people have signed up to come along - oh well, we will have some fun I know.
I am counting the days - 22 to go - I do not have a big countdown on the wall of my office - honest!
I am looking forward to some quality time - I may even find some extra time to write on here more often - you never know :)